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Taking care of nature is our priority

Because caring for nature is part of us


The best way to compensate the carbon footprint is to generate oxygen to compensate CO2 emissions. Every day, people and companies generate greenhouse gases with our activities that accumulate in the atmosphere with the consequent global warming of the planet. The carbon footprint is used to measure this impact: metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) equivalent to those gases emitted.

So how do we do it at Nature?

By planting trees on the land of Palacio de Nevares: apple trees, vineyards, cherry trees and soon avocado trees. With each tree we want to return oxygen to the earth and absorb the CO₂ that during the process of photosynthesis they store in their trunk, branches, leaves and roots.

Promoting and participating in the SLOW FOOD Asturias movement: local products are the main protagonists of the gastronomic offer. We buy from local suppliers and promote Km. 0.


environmental sustainability

  • We are in the process of implementing the BIOSCORE para gestionar y reportar la sostenibilidad . tool to manage and report sustainability. It is an icon that positions the establishments based on a new criteria that adds value and transmits the hotel   and restaurant's commitment to society and the environment.
  • We apply the  3R RULE  (reduce, recycle and reuse).
  • CWe generate local wealth by offering our customers experiences with suppliers that are deeply connected to our land (guides, transportation, restaurants, ...) are people attached to our land.

Social sustainability

  • We contribute to projects of different types, being socially responsible.. We collaborate directly and altruistically with entities such as: --RAMAL Asturias (Mentors of Labor Accompaniment for senior women)
    -ENFOCA Talento (City Council of Avilés, as Mentors Employability Program for women graduates:
    -EMBURRIA a non-profit organization whose objective is to work for and with FUNCTIONAL DIVERSITY, promoting an INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY.. Cangas de Onís (
  • We participate in forums, working groups, associations and presentations related to the Sustainable Development Goals , as a way of raising consciousness and doing our bit.


Come and enjoy it